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Rent a SUVs in Koh Samui

Rent a Car in Koh Samui Is an Easy Feat

Car Rental Samui is a family industry carrent company and reasonably priced of Koh Samui, Thailand. With our good maintained and insured cars and jeeps. We offer you a variety kinds of car to fulfil your enjoyment during your vacation in Koh Samui. We provide both the luxury and budget car to satisfied every customer's plan.

How to Rent a Car in Car Rental Samui?

We extremely respect our customers and value their time. That is why we aimed to make the car rental services as easy as possible. Service orders will take a couple of minutes to end up with mere formalities. You need to contact with our managers in any convenient way:

Send a message on WhatsApp

Calling on a telephone number +66-88-202-0330

To sum up, the procedure of the car rental is not a complicated task you need to cope with. Prepare information on the rental date, delivery place, chosen model and make a call or send an ordering message by text. Our consultants issue a request and make everything for you to be pleased with the high level of the Car Rental Samui Company Service.

Our Fleet of Vehicles

Our selection of cars includes models of different classes. Sports cars for speed lovers who are going to impress Koh Samui citizens and guests. Business-class autos will be suitable for men of affairs who know well how important the presentable car is for the public image. Coupes and convertibles will give unforgettable emotions for travelers, keen clubbists, devotees of the luxury way of life

As it was mentioned before, most drivers value the high-level comfort and safety mostly. The best selection of SUVs is available. Additionally, extremely convenient sedans and standard car models are presented in the selection. We provide different variants that can both put an accent on your status and do not stand out for calm rest without media exposure.

A Question of Car Rentals

Let’s take a look at the most frequently asked questions our potential clients ask. Enough information always clears up all doubts. Here we will provide the most actual answers. Other helpful information and detailed responses can be found on the Rental Policies page.

1. What does the needful for car rental services suite of documents look like?

You need to have the necessary documents with you – passport, visa, driving license.

2. Do you have any age restrictions?

You should be at least 21 years old to order rental service. It is possible to state that we have few or no age restrictions. We are ready to help with car rental services experienced drivers who are responsible for their actions and adept to good autos.

3. What is a security deposit?

It is a specified amount of money that is paid before the start of car rentals take place. It is the additional kind of vehicle damage coverage. If no incidents happen, the made security deposit is returned after the rented car pick-up.

4. What additional services can be ordered together with car rentals?

Our clients can order cars in the remote-acting mode with the help of the vehicle delivery / pick-up options. Additionally, the suite of services includes airport transfer, letting of apartments, yacht rentals, and others.